As a well-known actress and social media influencers with millions of Instagram followers, traveling is not something new for Gritte Agatha. Aside from her routine in the entertainment industry, she spends much of her spare time going places across the world.

Last winter, Gritte had an opportunity to enjoy the festivity of London in Vooya’s experiential study tour, experiencing a journey that is more than mere sightseeing, exploring the city doing extraordinary activities – an epic closure of 2018 and a wonderful opening of 2019.

So how does Gritte’s extraordinary journey look like? Let’s hear her story! To cut the long story short, let's hear the story from Gritte herself!


Hi everyone, I’m Gritte Agatha, who is now a certified Vooyager!

Every day during the #UnlockingYouProject was really packed with activities, and for me, that’s what makes this journey so memorable and so different.

Wicked the Musical Workshop

My very first experiential activity in London was Wicked the Musical Workshop. The United Kingdom has a very long history of performing arts, and I had the chance to learn and even perform one of the most famous musicals in the world, Wicked.

I learned so many things here, from reliving the roles in the script, acting, and even singing. The coach was so amazing as well. He has been performing and teaching for 20 years. We were divided into 2 teams, and each team had to play their own set of roles. As an actress, I didn’t have any difficulty with the acting parts, however, when it came to singing, I really felt like I couldn’t do much on that. But overall, this first activity had successfully made the great first day of my London adventure!

Cooking ala Master Chef at Jamie Oliver Cookery School

I like cooking, and I even have a session about cooking on my YouTube channel. So I really anticipated this second workshop because not only I could improve my cooking skills, but also, “Who doesn’t want to cook in Jamie Oliver Cookery School?”

Since it was Christmas, the Chef taught me on how to make Christmas Pasta. There were 3 kinds of pasta I made; Ravioli, Tortellini and Farfalle. I thought it would be complicated, but turns out, making pasta was quite simple. The Chef was also very entertaining and interactive; I think that was another point that made this workshop feel easy yet insightful. With the fancy kitchen tools and cooking equipment provided and some insight from the cool Chef, I really felt like being a Master Chef for a day.

I think I would love to make more pasta for next Christmas at home!

Street Art Graffiti Workshop

Several days had passed, and every day was filled with awesome activities. And my next awesome activity was the Street Art Graffiti Workshop.

First, I had to wear a coat to protect my clothes from the spray paint. After that, I had to hear some lecture from the mentor on how to make a stencil, how to decorate my canvas, and how to use different kinds of spraying techniques. At last, after completely grasping the lessons and practicing the techniques, it was time for the best part of the workshop, to create my own Graffiti.

It was super fun! I just realized that there are some empty walls in my house, I think, decorating them with Graffiti would be cool!

Light Box/Silhouette Animation

This was my most favorite workshop of all the workshops! As a YouTuber, I was very curious about how to make stop motion easily yet amazingly. The tools provided and the techniques that were taught were very practical. I had to draw some silhouette characters as well as created some backgrounds and decorations from papers to support my storyline. Then, I needed to take photos of the characters I had created using light box and this awesome software that was really amazed me. Yup, the software was so handy that I could compile many photos chronologically and convert them to a video format.

The workshop is so impactful for me because it has given me a new idea to create new kind of contents!

It was such a great experience which really was beyond my expectation in many ways, and in the positive way for sure, the kind of adventure which I’ve never had before. I really could see London from a different angle throughout this journey, because every day I learned from seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing many things hands-on. And that is my greatest lesson from this journey that, “Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.” And I already proved it right!


These are only 4 out of 12 workshops of Gritte’s Great Adventure during the #UnlockingYouProject at London. For the full story, you can check out her personal E-Journal here: https://steller.co/gritteagathaa/



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