Dad: "Son, what are you gonna be when you grow up?"

Son: "I wanna be a doctor."

If this conversation takes place in 1996, perhaps it is still relevant. However, what if this sort of conversation happens today? It would probably sound like this,

Dad: "Son, what are you gonna be when you grow up?"

Son: "I think a YouTuber would be awesome, or perhaps a graphic designer, a digital marketer, or a start-up company CEO."

The era where our children live in now is completely different than ours. The advancement of communication technology in this digital age has led to an overwhelming spread of information. We do not have to go to the UK to find the information about Oxford University anymore. Just simply ask our children to google 'Oxford University' on their smartphones, all the information needed will instantly pop up.

As the rising of digital media in today's world, career trends have also experienced a massive change. If two decades ago parents consider being a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, and a government official as the most popular jobs in Indonesia, it could not be 100% acceptable in today's perspective. There are a lot of new work fields that bring a new variation of job opportunities. It does not mean the 'old fashion jobs' lose their popularity. They are still popular, but our children see what we don't see.

Over the years of experiential studies across countries, multiple fields, and direct practices -in Vooya we see how the current generation is evolving to be more flexible and open-minded to opportunities. They see working as their playing-field that they can explore, take a risk, and sometimes failed yet they are still empowered to go as the opportunities are unfolding in so many different ways. The kind of jobs from the complicated one like making artificial intelligence or managing a team of Ojek Drivers to the fun one like a fashionista, these are the environment that our children are exposed to now.

So what are the new popular jobs that we can take into consideration for the future of our children in this millennial era?

1. Digital Marketing Specialist

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

A digital marketing specialist is someone who is responsible for developing 'online' marketing strategies in a company. To be more specific, the digital marketing specialists will be responsible for planning, creating, and managing contents for the company's website and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc); displaying online advertising campaign; monitoring and analyzing online media trends to increase product and brand awareness of the company.

Conventional marketing strategies become less effective now. People would be more interested in seeing feeds of colorful yet funny Instagram posts, unboxing videos in YouTube, and unique advertisement on Facebook -all of these things are watched by millions of people online and currently managed mostly by today's children.

2. Travel Blogger

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If your kids love writing and traveling, being a travel blogger can be considered as a promising job for them. Who doesn’t like to get paid for sharing stories of a one-week adventure at Raja Ampat?

Travel bloggers are people who will travel to a lot of places. As they travel places, they will then share their stories on their own blog. Once this blog becomes famous or gets noticed by the stakeholders in the travel industry, the bloggers will start making profit. They will be offered to make a review of certain tourism destination and they will get paid when people want to place an advertisement of some products on their blog.

Indonesians’ desire for traveling has been increasing significantly during these past years. Through social media, people can see tons of stunning pictures of Bromo Mountain, Sanur Beach in Bali, or Derawan Island in East Borneo. Finding information on great destinations is way easier now, and our children have the privilege to explore more about the destination.

Our children know how to maximize their little toy that we called smartphone -using different apps they could interact, take amazing pictures, understand local culture and create a story of their experiences. If they choose the path of becoming a travel blogger, they will surely take the profession to the next level.

3. Mobile App Developer

Photo by Farzad Nazifi on Unsplash

Everything has been digitalized. Want to buy some brand new T-Shirt? Now we can simply grab our smartphones, tab on a certain app, make an order, and one or two days later a courier will knock our front door bringing the T-Shirt. Even when we are starved at night but too lazy to go out of our house to buy fried rice, we can also make an order through a mobile application. And those are the works of mobile application developers.

A mobile application developer is someone who creates, develops, and manages mobile applications. The expansion of start-ups around the world brings huge opportunities for mobile application developers. If your children are so passionate about IT, being mobile application developers will surely be a promising job in their future.

These three popular jobs are surely worth to explore yet, unfortunately, our children are not exposed to an education system that helps them to have so. Our education mainly focuses on basic scientific studies and rigid learning curves, giving no exposure of children to all new opportunities in the present. This is why Vooya comes as the solution: Vooya provides an experiential learning program for bold and curious people who would like to explore their passions and acquire new knowledge and skills in a new way outside classrooms, learning without borders. With Vooya's experiential learning method, we will take your children to the field of boundless opportunities engaging in every work fields that they are curious about.

So next time your children said that they don't want to be a doctor but certain jobs that you never heard before including the three popular jobs above, get your children prepared in Vooya and feel the spirit of the experiential learning! (A)

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