Many motivational stories tell us that people who follow their passions will always succeed. However, what we see from passion stories of successful people is just the easy part– the part where someone has lived a happy and fulfilling life. What we don’t know is that there are rules that those people follow to reach the peak moment in their lives.

Take Captain America story for example!

How can a weakling like Steve Rogers transforms into the best soldier on the planet who helps the U.S win World War II and who leads a pack of superhumans and gods called the Avengers to save the universe? It is because Steve Rogers, the Cap, follow these three rules about passion.

First: Understand that Passion Means to Suffer

Steve Rogers is so passionate to do the right things for the greater good. He believes that helping his country to stop the Nazi is one of those. However, his attempts to enlist in the U.S Army always fail because of one reason – he lacks many physical qualities to become a soldier.

Lucky for Steve, a scientist named Dr. Abraham Erskine sees Steve’s passion as a great asset. The doctor offers him a chance, which is to be a volunteer in his risky experiment, the Super-Soldier Program. And this is when Steve Rogers’ painful journey began: being looked down by his colonel in the training camp; getting bullied by other recruits; struggling to keep up with the training menu which is beyond his physical strength; and accepting the fact that if the experiment goes south, he may lose his life.

So don’t assume that by following your passion, your life would be instantly filled with joy and happiness. In fact, the word passion itself, which is originated from Latin, actually means ‘to suffer’. In other words, if you decide to follow your passion, you have to sacrifice your comfort, to go extra miles for it, to overcome a lot of obstacles along the way, and to keep on going no matter how painful it is, just like Steve Rogers before becoming Captain America.

Source: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/pre-serum-steve-rogers

Second: Know Your ‘Why’ So You Won’t Fall No Matter What Happens

To know why you want something is actually harder than to know what you want. However, knowing your ‘why’ will make you stronger. It gives you a powerful drive to follow your passion and to achieve your goals.

If you have watched the first Captain America movie, you will notice that from the very beginning, Steve Rogers already knows his ‘why’. He wants to enlist in the army simply because he doesn’t like bullies in any forms. Steve Rogers used to be a weakling who gets bullied mentally and physically many times. And during World War II, Steve sees Nazi as the bullies that have to be stopped.

Perhaps, in the Avengers: End Game, because he also thinks that Thanos is a bully, he has a sudden boost of power that allows him to lift Thor’s hammer. Who knows?

Source: https://fandomimagineblog.tumblr.com

Third: Passion Alone Is Not Enough, That’s Why You Need Power

Alright, let’s get back to the first Captain America movie!

We have discussed that Steve finally enlists in the army because he is extremely passionate. But we can’t ignore the fact Steve is far too weak to be a soldier. So how could he defeat the Nazi if he lacks physical strength? That’s why the experiment needed – to give Steve superhuman powers which enhance all of his bodily functions to an inhuman level.

It is true that people who live up to their passions will most likely live a fulfilling life. But if you do something just because you love it but don’t have enough capacity for it, things might get harder for you. Therefore, passion alone is not enough, but you also need to be good at what you do – you need to have power (skills, intelligence, and knowledge) which is aligned with your passion.

Source: https://www.scienceabc.com

Captain America may just be a fictional character. But his three rules can apply to everyone who wants to achieve the best with their passions.

If you want to become the best version of yourself like Captain America, you can start from creating your future plan by connecting the dots between your passion (what you like the most), your power (what you are good at), your purpose (what your life goals are and why you want them), your perseverance (what obstacles you may have in the pursuit of your life goals and how you face them), and your profits (what you will earn in the end) in Design Your Life Story Workshop.

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