COVID-19 & Experiential Study Tour

Our commitment to all the Passion Seekers and their families

2020 has been so tough, so intense already, and somewhat painful for many. A lot of things have happened and changed, the way we interact, the way we work, and the way we see the world. New rules and even restrictions came up as a result to prevent COVID-19 transmissions. Thus, one of the restrictions is regarding travelling which will hamper our Passion Seekers’ Experiential Journey in the future.

As we navigate these unprecedented times together, we know some of you have outstanding questions regarding your travel plans that have been affected. We’ve gathered our policies and resources here so you can quickly understand all the ways to proceed. And we’re here to talk through your options in more detail or work through specific situations.


Reschedule travel for 2021

Flexibility is one of our top forte since we want to ensure that when the time comes, experiencing the life-changing experience of travel remains a possibility for our participants.

We remain committed in providing flexible options for individuals/groups that are unable to travel this year. To make rescheduling a group’s trip as easy and simple as possible, and to protect the full investment our participants made in their tour, we’ve taken the following actions:

  • Any group originally scheduled to travel on tour in 2020 that wishes to embark on the same itinerary in 2021 can do so with no additional costs or fees
    • If your group decides to choose new tour itinerary, there might be a difference in the program free
  • All details from the original tour—optional extensions, rooming, upgrades, etc.—and money paid will be transferred into the new schedule.

As the situation evolves, we’re also continuing to adapt and enhance our policies to meet the changing needs of our customers. We may extend our flexibility policies beyond 2021. You can visit our website for our most updated policies.  


#TravellingBeyondTime Voucher

We acknowledge that it might be difficult for some Passion Seekers to reschedule their tour right now. Any traveller who is unable to decide a specific date can receive an electronic Future Travel Card called #TravellingBeyondTime. A Traveling Beyond Time is issued electronically in the amount of all monies paid to Vooya (including all non-refundable fees). This voucher provides a ton of offers which can be redeemed for all Vooya’s wide variety of products equal to all the money you have paid. In addition, you don’t need to make snap decision since you have time until 2021 to use this #TravelingBeyondTime voucher!

How #TravelingBeyondTime voucher works?

  1. Flexible
    1. Passion seekers can redeem the voucher for Vooya’s various services and programs. They’re also worth all the monies you paid towards your 2020 tour—no fees, no deductions.
  2. Transferable
    1. Our vouchers are transferable, which means they can be gifted or sold to a family member or someone else if you’re no longer able to travel.
    2. Vouchers issued in place of a 2020 tour can be used until 31 December 2021.




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