Does anything that have to do with the word ‘career’ terrify or entice you? Does your mind go spinning when thinking about it, do you get heart palpitations, or do you feel at ease?

Image source: http://www.bu.edu/articles/2017/fall-career-fair-tomorrow

Career Day is a day where a school would invite a number of people with different professions, and introduce them to the students—ranging from elementary to high school. There would be a session for the employees invited to talk about their profession and field. This opportunity would give younger students a chance to look into career that they aren’t familiar with, and as for the older students, it’ll give them a picture of what they should do in college in order to pursue their chosen career path.

Career Fair is a day where students could visit booths, each of them showing different jobs. Then these students are given the chance to converse with the employees representing the companies to understand the different job functions more, and this is done at the comfort of their own school. This is set up for students to explore different career paths, where they are able to connect with the employees who are representing each jobs to talk more about what actions they should take to follow in their footsteps

There’s one recurring theme that both events have, can you guess?

If you say that they both aim to help motivate students to keep learning to achieve their goals, then you are correct!

And if you say that they also encourage students to purse college degrees according to their career path, don’t worry because you are also right!

Schools who hold Career Day or Career Fair, they have a goal to inspire their students, which is why they invite different companies accompanied by their own employees to talk about their jobs. These individuals are then given the opportunity to talk about their jobs, the various opportunities in their fields, and most important, why they love it.