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Dive in the digital realm, know how the world works in this digital era, and reveal your creative side in digital medium – from the significance of online media platforms in today’s business and how visual storytelling matters to how to make the most of this era as digital enthusiasts with creative minds.


We welcome those who possess curious minds and eager to explore their deepest passion through hands-on experiences.
However, to make the learning process more impactful, we divide our participants into two groups:

School Goers

Suitable for students ranging 13-18 years old who want to find about their true passion or those who want to explore what they’re capable of by stepping out of their comfort zones.

College & Working

Suitable for those who have started college or working. Learning knows no age boundaries; Thus, we provide this program for you who want to learn more about yourself and discover your true passion.

Pre Journey

A preparation step is designed to ensure all participants are well prepared for the journey. In the Pre-Departure Orientation, the participants will get:

During Journey

Setting your foot at one of the best cities in the world is the beginning of your true journey to learn more about yourself. To maximize the outcome of each activity, we expect our participants to actively engage in each experiential learning module, post on social media, and creatively blog their stories away.

Vooya Reflective e-Journal
Your reflective journal should present the 4 pillars of reflective learning called AFLIP. These pillars will help you to self-assess yourself in a reflective manner. Act: Refers to the activities that you have just experienced. Feel: Means illustrating your emotions and degree of sensitivity. Learn/ Impact: Means analyzing the impact of the activities in your life Plan: Refers to your plan about and making them come true.
Digital Creative Workshops and Visits
Vooya aims to deliver best-in-class experiential study tour with comprehensive multidisciplinary subjects which have been classified into 3 main categories, and 1 additional category: • Experiential learning • Insightful visit • Explorative sightseeing • Muslim Immersion (additional) All by experiencing interactive workshops and insightful visits related to digital creative industries, from learning about how to visually tell your idea in digital media and digitalize your business to initiating your startup companies.

Post Journey

This is the end of the journey, but also the beginning of your new journey into life. There are some things that you will receive after finishing your trip in Vooya Journey:

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