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Passion without Borders

Vooya aims to assist curious minds to find their true passion and authentic voice to strive for a purposeful life. Vooya believes that passion is the key of living; It is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live a better life. It is Vooya's primary objective to facilitate learning by filling in the missing gaps of a person's development of knowledge.

We have been providing an end-to-end journey of self-discovery to Vooyagers since 2016. With our three main services – Vooya Lab, Vooya Journey, and Vooya Coach, we will help our participants to understand themselves by uncovering their genuine potentials, to discover what they really love doing through a voyage of passion exploration, and to finally set the goals of their lifetime.

As we strive to share our credo of Passion Exploration to more people, we created Vooya Stories, where we utilize authentic and personal stories about ones’ journey of pursuing dream career. A career in which one is passionate about, proud of, and able to make a living from.

Vooya's Vision

A leader in passion education industry to help curious minds reach their future dream and live a fulfilling happy life.

Vooya's Mission

Vooya's Mission

To provide effective and dynamic services to help curious minds find their true passion and potentials.

Vooya's Mission

To facilitate curious minds to explore their passion through hands-on experiences.

Vooya's Mission

To give an insightful consultation for curious minds to help them prepare for their future career.

Core Values: PASSION

We attract and recruit professional people with talent, interest, and the enthusiasm in developing the passion & education industry.
We are dedicated in creating services that encourage people to step out of their comfort zone through an adventure that gives them priceless life lessons.
We aim to be a sustainable company by continuously improving and developing our strategy throughout the changing era.
We put our hearts to build our company; therefore, we always go all out in fostering this organization to achieve our goals and objectives.
Creativity should never be limited and neither should innovation. We construct infinite innovations to meet today’s fast-changing demand in this industry.
optimization &
We believe that everyone has a passion that can be optimized using the right approach, thus, we are open to any idea that can create a more impactful change for our customers.
nurture &
We nurture our customers to dare to be different and unique and to let their sense of curiosity guide them through a journey of self-discovery.
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