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What is
Vooya Coach?

Vooya Coach is a platform to help you shape the pathway to the goals of your lifetime by telling your life story. To help you plan the goals of your lifetime, we have created a wholistic media called Life Story Framework (LSF) where you can capture the most essential parts in your life: your past, present, and future.

After capturing the three most essential parts, you will start narrating your life story using a heroes-vs-villains storytelling concept.

Since goals of a lifetime might differ to each individual, the purpose of this LSF will be very fluid. One might use the LSF for a university or scholarship application while others might use it to apply for a job or look for the most suitable profession.

Who Benefits from This Workshop

Our workshop can benefit any individuals who is looking to better understand their lifetime goals and how to achieve them. To give you an illustration of the output you may be looking for, we have distinguished the common life milestone into three segments of participants, each with their own purpose and expected outcome.
  • Students who wish to find their true purpose in this life
  • Students who wish to create a detailed and comprehensive plan to achieve their life purpose
  • Students who wish to build an authentic life story used in professional essays for academic or career purposes
  • Parents who wish to be the ally for their children
  • Parents who wish to be a support system for their children – both in education and career
  • Parents who wish to find their children’s key motivation that aligns with their interest
  • Parents who wish to support their children in finding the major / profession that suit them best

    Professionals who wish to switch career and redefine their true purpose in life

    Professionals who wish to advance their career to the next step

    Professionals who wish to evaluate themselves and their own achievements

LSF Works?

We adopt many approaches across multiple disciplines including psychology, economics, business, and Greece Mythology. Inside the LSF, we will provide some worksheets to help you create genuine contents of your life story. Once you complete the entire worksheets, you will retain a framework of your story in the form of an essay or an interview.

We have also gathered the experts from multiple backgrounds who will give you coaching and consultation. They consist of famous scholarship awardees, business experts, professional writers, professionals from high-level companies, and other related-experts.

Your Past

Find your genuine motivation

Take a flashback to discover your genuine motivation based on your anxiety and desire

  • Lifeline exercise
  • Obituary exercise

Your Present

Dive into yourself

Know how far you have come and what you have got in your present life.

  • Self-Assessment (interest, passions, skills, and personalities)
Choose your profession

Decide which profession you would like to take based on your interest, passions, skills, and personalities.

  • Brainstorming
  • Obituary exercise (present)

Your Future

Start Planning

Make your plan and strategies to succeed in the particular profession you have chosen.

  • Vision Framework: BHAC (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) Test
  • Odyssey Planning
  • Create the Business Model You

Narrate your life story

Find your hidden archetypes

Compile your story contents from your past, present, and future in a single framework, add some emotional element, and transform them into a heroes-vs-villains-type of story.

  • The Heroic Myth Self-Test

What makes vooya different?

ordinary essay coaching
services provided
  • Grammar and Spelling Checking
  • Structure and Coherence
  • Creating the genuine contest of your life story in the form of an essay or an interview storytelling
  • Grammar and Spelling Checking
  • Structure and Coherence
  • The Storytelling of your life
objective Essay for University Admission or Applying for Internship /Getting a Job
  • Creating your life canvas
  • Planning your future career
  • A professional essay/personal statement that can be used to aim at your lifetime goals (job, scholarship, university admission, etc.)
coaches English Tutor
  • Professional Writers
  • Scholarship Awareness/Intern-Employee in High-Level Companies
  • Other Related-Experts Business Experts, Psychology, etc.
Output Specific to Academic or Career
  • A Well-Constructed Framework of Your Lifetime Goals
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