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  • What is Vooya?

    Vooya is a company focusing in passion, education, and learning. We specialize in helping curious minds to explore their deepest passion and maximize their potentials so that they can prepare their future dreams where they live a happy fulfilling life.

  • What does Vooya offer?

    We provide three main services; Vooya Lab to help you discover your true potentials, Vooya Journey to explore your passion through hands-on experiences, and Vooya Coach to help you design your life story and set your lifetime goals.

  • Can I purchase the service separately or do I have to buy all of them?

    Yes, you can purchase the individual service. All our services are designed to fulfill different purposes. Thus, you may sign up for the services you think you are suitable for. However, we provide discounts if you purchase all three services at the same time.

  • Do I have to take the services in any particular order?

    There is no obligation to join the services in certain order. However, we advise you to start from Vooya Lab, Vooya Journey, and lastly Vooya Coach sequentially because each service has different purpose to support you at a certain stage of your self-discovery journey. For example, Vooya Coach aims to give you a consultation on how to set your lifetime goals based on what you have experienced; However, if you haven’t deeply understood what your interest, explored and experienced various options, the program might become less effective.

  • How much does each service cost?

    It depends on which service you purchase. For details on Vooya Lab’s packages, click here. For details on Vooya Journey’s packages, click here. For details on Vooya Coach’s packages, click here .

Vooya Lab

  • What is Vooya Lab?

    Vooya Lab is a passion-perseverance assessment to know your interest and your degree of adversity.

  • How does Vooya Lab work?

    In Vooya Lab, we will assess you based on 2 aspects: Passion and Perseverance. The Passion Assesment could help you to find out your interest in certain subjects, occupations, and hobbies that could create a job in the future. The Perseverance Assesment could help you to measure your degree of adversity and to detect one’s reaction to challenges, which will help you understand yourself better, reflect & improve.

  • Then, is it like a psychological consultancy?

    Absolutely not! Here is a summary of why Vooya Lab is different:


    Psychological Consultant

    Vooya Lab

    What will you get?

    Professional consultation and some psychological tests

    Professional consultation and a structured assesment of passion and perseverance

    What will be tested?

    Tested on one or two of the aspects of the students (aptitude and personality)

    Structured assesment of passion (interest) and advertisy (perseverance

    What happen after the consultation?

    Only providing information about the student

    Continous assistant along with Vooya Journey and Vooya Coach

  • Who can join Vooya Lab?

    Any curious person who wants to understand and dig into their deepest potentials can join Vooya Lab.

  • How long does it take to do the assessment and consultation?

    Each assesment has different duration, here is a summary:

    Passion (Strong Interest Inventory)

    30 - 40 minutes

    Perseverance (Adversity Quotient)

    30 - 40 minutes


    60 - 90 minutes

  • Should I join Vooya Journey after joining Vooya Lab?

    There is no obligation to join Vooya Journey, but we highly recommend you to explore your passion through hands-on experiences via Vooya Journey.

  • How do I sign up for Vooya Lab?

    Contact one of Vooya Advisors via phone, whatsapp or in person or you can purchase directly through our website.


Vooya Journey

Vooya Coach

Membership Card

  • How do I get Vooya Membership Card?

    For every purchase of either Vooya Journey or Vooya Coach, our participant will automatically get Vooya Membership Card.

  • What are the benefits of Vooya Membership Card?
    • 5% Discount for Vooya Lab
    • 10% Discount for Vooya Coach
    • Lifetime Benefit for Vooya Journey
      • USD 350 cashback for your next trip (Valid 1 year after your first trip)
      • 5% discount for other subsequent trips
      • Free registration fee for any Vooya trip
      • Free access to any Pre-Departure and Graduation workshop in the future
      • Get ultimate Vooyager medal and certificate when you complete 3 different destinations
    • Inner Circle Benefit for Vooya Journey
      • USD 350 cashback for your sibling(s) for any Vooya trip (valid for 1 time within 1 year from your first trip)
      • USD 250 cashback for your friend(s) for any Vooya trip (valid for 1 time within 1 year from your first trip)
    • 10% discount for any Vooya Merchandise
  • If I lose my physical card, can I get a new one?

    Yes. To get a new card, please report your loss and provide your full name when you contact us. We have a maximum of 3 substitute membership cards.

  • If I don’t bring my physical card, can I still use the benefits?

    Yes, please mention your full name when you make the purchase.


General Journey

  • What is Vooya Journey?

    Vooya Journey is an experiential study tour of passion discovery to the world’s most inspiring cities by immersing in multidisciplinary learning activities.

  • Who can join Vooya Journey?

    We welcome everyone who possesses curious mind and eager to explore their deepest passion through hands-on experiences. However, each Vooya Journey trip has been curated for specific age group and purposes, thus; please make sure to check the program type to find out which trip is suitable for you. Nevertheless, if you cannot find a suitable trip for yourself, we can create a customized trip just for you with a certain minimum number of participants. Please go to “Customized Vooya Journey Trip” page for more information.

  • How do I sign up for Vooya Journey?

    Contact one of Vooya advisors via phone, whatsapp or in person to discuss which Vooya Journey’s trips suit you. Once you have chosen which trip, you will need to complete and submit the registration form to confirm your spot. You can also book the trip online from the website.

  • How many participants are on a Vooya Journey trip?

    The number of participants vary depending on the type and destination of the trip. However, we usually limit our participants between 10 to 20 people to make sure that each participant has the same chance to experience the hands-on learning method and receives the same amount of attention from Vooya Subject Experts.

  • Do I need to speak English well?

    We do not require participants to have a TOEFL, IELTS, or other English standardized test. However, the entire program will be taught in English. In order for participants to maximize their learning experience, we expect them to have a moderate English proficiency.

  • Can I choose the subject I want to learn?

    No. The subjects included in the program have been thoroughly picked for specific goals to explore participants' deepest passion. We believe that to do that, our participants must be brave and willing to try something new. We want all the participants to get out from their comfort zones. "Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced." - John Keats. However, if you want to choose a certain subject you want to learn, we can create a customized trip just for you with a certain minimum number of participants. Please go to “Tailor-Made Journey” page for more information.

  • Can I bring my family members with me?

    Only participants can join the main activities. But you don’t have to worry, there will be Vooya Mentor to assist you. We will ensure that all participants have a safe and enjoyable journey. You can meet your family members during sightseeing or free time. For more details, please contact our advisor.

  • What is included in the cost of Vooya Journey?

    Usually, the cost will include round-trip economy flight ticket, hotel accommodations, meals, transportation during the trip, Vooya Mentors and Subject Expert, experiential activities with certificates and Vooya Starter Kit. To see the list on what's included or what's excluded in the cost for each trip, please go to the specific trip page.

  • How do I pay for the trip?

    You can pay cash or bank transfers. Payment in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) is subject to the applicable exchange rate on the date of payment.

  • What does Vooya do to ensure the safety of the participants?

    We have emergency service team that is available 24 hours a day during the program and ready to provide a rapid response. In addition, family members and friends could follow the participants’ progress through Vooya e-Journal.

  • Can you accommodate those with dietary restriction?

    Yes, but only if you notify us in advance of departure so that we can arrange for your special dietary needs.

  • Is the Vooya e-Journal mandatory?

    No, but we highly encourage the participants to make one e-Journal entry for each of the module. Reflective journal is helpful to get the participants understand the lesson better. Because as the participants write, they will start to connect the dots between what they just experienced with how it affects them as persons. As a result, the lesson will linger in you better.

  • Do participants need travel insurance?

    Yes, it is required to have travel insurance for any of Vooya Journey's trips. You can purchase travel insurance directly from Vooya or you can get it from external party.

  • I don't have a visa, can Vooya help me to get one?

    Yes. However, since it is not included in the cost of the trip, there will be an additional fee for your visa application which will vary depending on your destination.

Customized Journey

  • Do your trips have fixed departure dates?

    No, the departure dates can be arranged based on your preferences and needs. Please note that trips arranged during holiday season may incur higher price.

  • What is the duration of your trip?

    The duration of the trip varies based on the destination and your requirement. Our experienced team can tailor any trips to suit your group.

  • What is the minimum and the maximum number of participants to join the trip?

    We are happy to create a customized trip for any number of participants. However, we suggest to have at least 10 participants in order to optimize the trip’s cost efficiency (the less participants joining the trip, the higher the price will be). There is no maximum limit, but we suggest group larger than 30 participants to be separated into smaller groups. This is to ensure all participants have equal opportunity to learn and equal attention from our subject experts.

  • What is included in the price for Customized Vooya Journey trip?

    Unless you have specifically asked to exclude certain things, our package includes everything from visa, travel insurance, program arrangement, flight, accommodation, local transportation, meals, and Vooya Mentor who will accompany your group.

  • I have a specific request that is not available here, can you accommodate it?

    Wherever possible we will try and accommodate your request. Our team would be happy to discuss the specific of your request and we will get back to you in due manner.

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