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Commitment to Safety

Safety is our first priority. Vooya is committed to provide the safest and most secured travel environment. We have a comprehensive safety guideline, strategy, and procedure to handle any type of emergency. During the journey, our emergency service team is ready to answer call 24-hours a day and provide a rapid response.

Code of Conduct

All Vooyagers must agree to follow The Vooyagers Code of Conduct during the journey. Vooyagers who do not adhere to these codes or any specific rules set by the Vooya Mentors, will be reprimanded and could be sent home at their own expense (or their parents'or legal guardians') with no refund for the missed portion.

The Vooyagers Code of Conduct is as follow:

  • All scheduled activities are obligatory. If you are sick or have physical illnesses that might prevent you from participating in an activity, you have to inform Vooya Coach or Mentors. Vooya e-Journal is not mandatory but highly encouraged.
  • Drug, alcohol, tobacco prohibition. All Vooyagers must not use illegal drugs, consume alcohol, or smoke during the program.
  • Respect toward each other. All Vooyagers may not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, appreance, etc. Physical, sexual or any kind harassment will not be tolerated. All Vooyagers are expected to use the appropriate language.
  • Room arrangement. Males and females must remain in separate rooms at night. Alternative arrangement is due for approval by Vooya Coach or Mentors.
  • Expenses outside program cost. All Voyagers are required to pay for any personal expenses incurred.

Personal expenses such as the following, but not limited to:

  • Any phone call incurred at the hotel
  • Any damages done to hotel rooms, buses, and venue of activities
  • Any personal shopping or meal outside the provided

Travel Documents


All particpants travelling abroad must have a passport with a validity of minimum six (6) months after the program’s return date. The name given during registration must match the name on the passport, as airlines will not permit any travel if the name on the ticket does not match the passport exactly. Any name change will be charged a fee based on the regulation.


Each embassy / consulate has different provisions in the application for visa. All participants have full responsibility to submit all the necessary documents for visa application. A checklist will be given to ensure all requirements are completed. Without visa, participant will not be allowed for entry to the destination country.

Vooyager Starter Kit

Here all the things Vooya will provide you once you have signed up for Vooya Journey

  • Program Book
  • Apparel
  • Lanyard & Name Tag
    Lanyard &
    Name Tag
  • Luggage Tag
  • Bag
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