DesTEAnation Gift Box

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DesTEAnation Gift Box
Rp 250.000


  • Size & Dimension

    24 sachets of mix variants tea are kept in an elegant wooden box

  • Product Detail

    Have a cup of hot DesTEAnation before starting your day! Every sip of every variant will give you different sensation!


    1. Morning Spirit (English Breakfast): Have a cup of Morning Spirit before you start your journey of passion exploration. Feel the energy until the very last sip!

    2. Adversitea (Green Tea): Drink Adversitea regularly to build up your adversity against the bitterness of life. Don't let any challenge stops you to chase the dream!

    3. Prioritea (Oolong): Designing your life time goals is a priority. Increase your focus and concentration on aiming the goals with Prioritea!

    4. Sweet Adventure (Jasmine): Don't be afraid to taste the sweetness and the aroma of an adventure!

    5. Positivitea (Earl Grey): Always find the bright side and keep your body, mind and soul in positive vibes throughout the day!

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